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Cara Deming Butler is an illustrator and writer currently based in Houston, Texas. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with degrees in English and Visual Art from the University of Texas at Austin and created Saint Delphine shortly after as a way to file all her characters and their stories into one cohesive place. She likes for every piece she creates to have a narrative purpose and Saint Delphine has become that purpose. 


Important inspirational sources are topiaries, Palladian villas, William Larkin carpets, and outer space. The Socialite's Science Fiction is her brand of everything. Saint Delphine is where her characters live, Socialite Science Fiction is how they live. By combining feminine, design-oriented elements with retro sci-fi themes, she shares a visually spectacular Versailles-living, hair-and-makeup-loving take on the genre—something she tends to miss in everyday space chatter. It's astronauts in glitter spacesuits and heads of state planning interplanetary dinner parties over jasmine tea in pink living rooms. It's Barbarella meets Cher Horowitz.