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CARA DEMING BUTLER is a licensed designer and illustrator based in Houston, TX. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with BAs in English and Visual Art from the University of Texas at Austin, and has five years experience combining her visual problem-solving capabilities with her love for design. She works under client direction to create brand identities for new and existing businesses, as well as surface pattern collections for the stationery, home, and childrenswear markets.

© Cara Deming Butler.

IMPORTANT INSPIRATIONAL SOURCES are topiaries, historic English estate homes and gardens, the color green, Viennese desserts, court slippers, Hollywood Regency, Upper East Side smoking rooms, cold fusion, Greek mythology, opera, 1960’s science fiction, Kim Novak, William Larkin carpets, Palladian villas, corinthian columns, Lake Como, and Eartha Kitt. Think powdered wigs in jeweled damask parlors and international cocktail hour under a striped taffeta canopy. Garden party chic meets Marie Antoinette. 

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